Swim Spas vs. Traditional Pools



Swim Spas
Traditional Pools

Yearly Use

All year
6 Month at Most
2 Days
7-14 Days
Included in your purchase
Additional $1000 on average
Infinite Swim
Uninterrupted laps
Constant interuptions
Easy access to vital parts
Difficult to access



    13ft, 16ft & 20ft
St.Lawrence Swim Spas



Our Filtration


 Our filters are anti-microbial and silver ion infused. 
Our hot tubs use Ozone gas to clean the water, resulting in a
minimum amount of chemicals needed to keep your spa spotless.


    You can workout and relax in the same place!


 Our swim spas include seats for your leisure as well as river jets to strengthen your stride.
We have two types of seat jets, the directional (targeted) and the massage.
All of our jets are interchangeable so you can customize your seat for the best experience.

  Our river jets are designed to mimic the current of natural bodies of water. In each of our swim spas we have three river jets which can be controlled individually for a customized swim. With this resistance, you can enhance your strength and endurance.



Our equipment is energy efficient!


 All of our plumbing is designed with a
larger than 90 degree angle to help the water flow more smoothly.



We also use 16.4 A (true 5 horsepower) pumps with an over-sized water intake of 2.5 inches.
Together these two features allow you to pay less for a more productive hot tub!





  Our features include:


Relax with six soothing
aromatherapy scents


LED Lighting
Multi-coloured LEDs line the
spa’s perimeter


Two Waterfalls 
A beautiful backlit water feature
adds ambiance 


LED pop-up speakers
Enjoy your favourite music
while using your spa


Ozone Purifier
Use less chemicals than a
standard hot tub or pool





You wouldn't buy a car with out testing it first


By booking your wet test, you are entering our contest to win a $1000 paddle board set!  
Join us at 1283 Cornwall Road, Oakville ON where we have swim spas running for you to try. There is no better way to decide if a swim spa is the right choice for you. Pick a date below and a swim spa consultant will be in contact with you.  

 We have also included a coupon for free steps, a winter jacket and a deluxe chemical kit in
the response email for your convenience. Please show  the coupon to a
sales rep upon purchase to redeem your items!