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You could win a $1000 paddle board set!  Join us at 1283 Cornwall Road, Oakville ON where we have swim spas running for you to try.   There is no better way to decide if a swim spa is the right choice for you. Pick a date below and a swim spa consultant will be in contact with you.  

























Swim Spas vs. Traditional Pools


  A swim spa is a smaller body of water, and therefore the amount of time and money that you will need to invest in it is much less than that of a pool. The filtration system of a swim spa is much more advanced and comes equipped with an ozone generator to further reduce the chemicals needed by up to 80%! The heating bill drops as well, and it costs approximately 5 times less energy to heat up a swim spa to a much higher temperature than that of a pool. Swim spas can also filter the water at much quicker speeds and for smaller intervals, which is known as  “auto-cleaning”. By setting your St. Lawrence Swim Spa to “continuous filtration” mode, your spa will cycle the water through its filters “continuously”, which helps to remove any debris or bacteria left behind.

What about larger objects like leaves or sticks? This isn’t a problem like it would be for a pool because your swim spa comes with a hard-top cover that protects it from the elements while keeping your water crystal clean. This also means that you can keep your swim spa at 104°F every day of the year, even during the harsh winter months when your pool would be useless. By looking at all the costs involved, a swim spa is a much better investment if you wish to save money and time. It doesn’t seem right to spend  $45 000 on a pool and have to constantly labour over it when you can invest in a St. Lawrence Swim Spa for a fraction of the price.


Swim Spas
Traditional Pools

Yearly Use

All year
6 Month at Most
2 Days
7-14 Days
Included in your purchase
Additional $1000 on average
Infinite Swim
Uninterrupted laps
Constant interuptions
Easy access to vital parts
Difficult to access



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