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8 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

8 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

There’s nothing like ending the day off with a warm, relaxing soak in your hot tub. To keep your spa running smoothly and a part of your unwinding routine, it does require some maintenance. Implementing these simple tips twill take just a few minutes a week but will help you protect your investment for years to come.  


While there are a couple of different kinds of spa chemicals, all of them are important to keeping your spa water clean. This includes sanitizer, balancer, scale control, and more. 

1. To avoid having to use more chemicals or drain your spa and start all over again (due to over-chlorination), we recommend testing your water at least weekly.

2. Sticking to specific days of the week for balancing makes it easy to remember. 

3. Download our Spa Water Test app on your phone! All you have to do is dip your test strip into the water, enter the colour of the strip, and you’ll be told exactly how much of each chemical to add to balance your spa.

For Apple devices, download HERE | For Google or Android devices, download HERE


4. Our Glacier Filters are made with antimicrobial material and silver-ion to prevent bacteria growth. Depending on your usage, filters should be swapped out every 3 to 4 months as the antimicrobial properties are most effective within this time. You can also pop the filter out of the filter housing monthly to rinse them off. Read about our subscription service HERE!

5. Keep an eye on your water levels. An inadequate amount of water in your spa may lead to pump malfunction as air gets circulated instead of water. A dramatic drop may also mean a leak has occurred and plumbing needs to be checked out immediately. 

6. Spa water can accumulate a build-up of oils, lotions, and soaps overtime and create scum lines on the spa acrylic. To keep your spa water and acrylic pristine, purge and refill your spa water 2 to 3 times a year using SPA FLUSH. Do it at the turn of every season to start the new season fresh! Learn more about cleaning your spa HERE 

We also now offer a Spa Purge Service! Contact us at or 1-877-909-7727 for more information and to book your appointment. Conditions apply. 

7. Applying a similar method as a sorbent used for an oil spill clean-up, a SPA BALL keeps your water clean by absorbing oils from the water's surface 


8. Using TUB SCRUB SPONGES AND CLOTHS, wipe the inside and outside of your spa cover clean. Don’t forget about your spa’s acrylic and outside shell to keep your outdoor oasis clean and aesthetically-pleasing!

With the use of these tips, you will have worry-free sessions all-year round. Have questions about your spa maintenance? We’re here to help!  

Log a support ticket: HERE 

Find a manual: HERE 


Contact us: 

Call: 1-877-909-7727 


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