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Enhancing Your Hot Tub Experience: Air Dials and Water Diverters

Enhancing Your Hot Tub Experience: Air Dials and Water Diverters

Understanding Hot Tub Mechanics: 

Did you know that the way that you utilize (or don’t utilize) your spa’s Air Control Valve(s) and Water Diverter Valve(s) can greatly impact your spa experience? The Air Diverter Valve recycles the already warm air from within your spa cabinet and pushes air bubbles through your spa’s jets. The more air that pushes through your jets, the stronger the massage – giving you even more power over your hot tubbing experience. The water diverter valve, often present on 6+ person hot tubs allow you to control the flow of water through different zones within the spa. If you only have a couple of people using your spa at a time, you can choose to divert all of the water flow to only half of the spa, maximizing the water pressure in half of the spa.  


Seasonal Usage and Maintenance Tips: 

While we all love having total control over our relaxation, it is important to remember to readjust your spa settings when you are not using your spa. The way you use adjust these features should adapt to the seasons. During summer, open the air dials when the spa is not in use to release warm air from the spa cabinets and prevent overheating. In contrast, keeping them closed in winter helps maintain the tub's warmth by keeping the spa cabinet insulated with warm air. An important tip for when the hot tub is not in use is to keep the water diverter valve centered. This ensures even water distribution throughout the spa, aiding in efficient filtration and preventing issues like chemical build-up and stale water. 


Note: Even if you choose not to utilize your Air Control Valve to enhance your spa experience, we recommend that you still turn your valve regularly to help release any built-up pockets of air and to prevent chemical build-up around the valve. 


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