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How To: Replacing your Swim Spa Filters

How To: Replacing your Swim Spa Filters

Our St. Lawrence Swim Spas combine an Ozone purification system with 200 square feet of filtration to help guarantee hassle-free, crystal clear water. In this blog post we will show you how to replace your swim spa filters.


The swim spa filter housing holds four 50 square foot filters. With two threaded filters that screw into the bottom of the housing, and two slip filters that connect to the top of each threaded filter.

Replacing Filters:

Step 1: Power off your Swim Spa by switching off your GFCI breaker to ensure that pump doesn't run while filters are not in place.

Step 2: Slide filter housing face plate upwards to remove.



Step 3: Slide skimmer basket out.

Step 4: Remove top slip filters. Note: these are fitted onto the threaded filters that sit below them. To easily remove, hold onto handle and give a slight jiggle to slide out.

Step 5: Remove threaded filters by rotating counter clockwise.


Step 6: Replace with clean/new filters by screwing in the threaded filters first, and attaching the slip filters to the top of the threaded filters second. Replace skimmer basket and face plate and power your spa back on.



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