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Massage Therapy: Hot Tub Jets are a Masseuse

Massage Therapy: Hot Tub Jets are a Masseuse

Imagine, after a long day at work, coming home to your heavenly hot tub- your relaxation oasis, if you will- and you instantly feel the stress from your body leaving. You turn on the jets on high and OH! You notice the muscle knots on your back that have developed from the day. The powerful jets massage you and it hurts ... but so good. 

The research on hot tub hydrotherapy health benefits is growing and continuously showing results of lower blood pressure, weight loss, better sleep, and a multitude of other pros. Massage therapy is certainly one great proven way to increase blood flow to restricted muscles, relieve bodily pains, and promote lymph system circulation.

At Canadian Spa Company, you have the option to install our luxurious rotational massage jets to your spa. We offer directional jets and massage jets that can be easily switched out with each other- You can put all massage jets or all directional jets in your seat. With the ability to customize your jets and adjust the intensity, speed, and direction, you can create a personalized massage experience that targets your specific areas of tension.

How do I maximize my massage therapy experience? 

  1. Does your hot tub have a waterfall? Turn it off so that water can free up and be directed towards you for additional pressure.
  2. Bubbles Galore! Enhance your hydrotherapy experience and blood flow by turning up the air valves and allowing more air to come out with your water.
  3. Enhanced Water Flow: More pumps used combined with how powerful your pumps are will make a difference to the quality of massage you experience- All our 7ft spas are built with two true 16.4-amp pumps to ensure optimal water flow and maximum therapeutic benefits.

Come to our Oakville location and test the water- literally...You might just fall in love with the hot tub that connects with you.

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