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NEW IN: Acrylic Spa Surround Furniture

NEW IN: Acrylic Spa Surround Furniture

We are excited to announce that our newest Spa Surround Furniture has arrived and it is unlike any other Spa Furniture that you will see anywhere else. This range has been designed to allow you to create an oasis that is customized to your spa and your needs without having to pay a hefty price.

Our Spa Surround Furniture range offers eight pieces that can be used in multiple configurations to beautifully wrap around your square or rectangular acrylic spa. You can use a combination of steps, bar, planter and sofa to create an oasis that will allow you to entertain guests in and outside of your spa. Modular pieces allow you to move around the pieces easily.


Each piece is constructed of a weather resistant, synthetic rattan over a rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminum frame. The furniture range has an attractive wicker finish in a timeless dark brown that will easily compliment any backyard décor. All pieces are durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. 


Where to Start…
















Choose a Straight Step according to the size of your spa.


·         79 inch

·         84 inch

·         86 inch

·         90 inch


Now decide which corner pieces will best suit your needs. You have the following corner options:

                      2-Tier Steps                                Planter                             Bar and 2 Stools


Add additional straight pieces


·         Straight Planter

·         Straight Sofa

·         Straight Bar

·         Side Table


Where you can purchase it…


The Acrylic Spa Surround Furniture is available to purchase on our website. It will also be available at major retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes in Spring 2017.

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