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Product Spotlight: We’re Obsessed with our NEW Saunas

Product Spotlight: We’re Obsessed with our NEW Saunas

We recently launched a new range of FAR Infrared Saunas… and we LOVE them. I might sound a touch biased, but when you see the saunas’ beautifully constructed hemlock wood frame, fully loaded features, and ability to heat up within minutes, you will fall in love too. Let’s face it, the idea of getting customized heat therapy in the comfort of your own home is pretty enticing.



When you consider the many health benefits of regular sauna usage, it’s easy to get excited about purchasing a Sauna. The hard part though, is deciding which sauna is right for you, especially when there are dozens of companies advertising “the best” sauna online.


In this article, I’ll outline some of the key features that really make our saunas some of the best in the market.

FAR Infrared Technology


The Nano-Carbon heater panels that we use in our saunas are the most advanced infrared heating system available in the marketplace. They are extremely safe and efficient as they produce 7-9 micron bandwidth of infrared light energy, precisely what is needed to match the infrared absorption level of the human body. This allows the rays that are emitted by the heaters to be absorbed directly by the person sitting inside the sauna. What does this mean exactly?


Far Infrared heaters do not heat the air inside of the sauna, instead they transfer heat directly to the human body. This makes our saunas are incredibly efficient. You will start to feel a comfortable, relaxing heat seep into your body within minutes of turning your sauna on. This will allow your body to release toxins through perspiration even in a short, 20 minute session.  


Unlike traditional ceramic heaters, our Nano-Carbon panels distribute heat evenly over their entire surface area and are not hot to the touch. In addition to being incredibly efficient, they are also low maintenance. Each heater has a lifespan of approximately 3000-5000 hours and supports an operating temperature of 67°F-140°F.




All of our saunas are beautifully constructed of a natural Canadian Hemlock wood with a strong attention to detail and craftsmanship. Strips of the Hemlock wood are applied to the interior and exterior of the wooden base, resulting in a dual-wall construction that is 1.5 inches thick, and well insulated.


Hemlock Wood


A convenient locking clasp assembly makes our saunas incredibly easy to assemble (trust me, I’ve assembled a few of them). Before you become wary of the pre-attached clasp hardware, let me reassure you that each unit is pre-assembled and tested before it is packaged and shipped out. We ensure that all walls are perfectly aligned, and that the hardware is precisely placed and fully operational for each and every unit. This way, we are able to ensure that there are no air leaks between the walls and that you will have a smooth and easy assembly.


   Sauna Locking Clasp   


You’ll also enjoy the sleek, modern look that is added with the tempered glass door and stainless steel accents.


Tempered Glass Door




In addition to the expected heat therapy, our saunas come with some exciting features that will add to your healing experience. You can relax in your sauna while listening to some soft music on the integrated, Bluetooth enabled speakers. Use the included remote control to set the chromotherapy lighting to exactly what your body needs. 


                                Sauna LED Sauna LED GreenSauna LED RedSauna LED Purple


Unwind further by adding a drop or two of soothing lilac scented oil in your sauna's stainless steel aromatherapy dish. Your sauna comes with a set of three aromatherapy oil fragrances and a beautiful aromatherapy dish that can be mounted anywhere in the sauna.

                                  Sauna Aromatherapy     Aromatherapy Oil


In addition, each sauna is equipped with a user-friendly digital control system. This allows you to completely customize your heat therapy experience with features such as a timer, ‘pre-heat’, and ‘auto-start’ options.


Sauna Display Panel

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re obsessed with our FAR Infrared saunas. If you want more information about our saunas, check them out in our online catalogue. Also available to purchase through and

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