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Stepping into the Spa World Using Augmented Reality

Stepping into the Spa World Using Augmented Reality

Indulging in the dream of owning your very own spa is like stepping into a realm of pure relaxation. But let's be real – the path from dream to reality can be a twisty, bubbling hot tub of decisions. Which spot is the spot for your spa? What type of spa will best suit your style? And don't even get started on the size – is it cozy for two or a party for twenty? 

In an interview with, Troy Labelle, Owner of Canadian Spa Company, highlighted a crucial aspect of spa location selection. He emphasized the importance of carefully assessing both indoor and outdoor perspectives. Avoid obstructing your backyard view while ensuring convenient accessibility. This strategic approach ensures a harmonious integration of your spa into your living space, creating a serene and visually appealing environment. 

Interestingly, this is where Augmented reality steps onto the stage as a valuable tool. Augmented reality technology can assist in visualizing how different spa options might fit into your space. With AR, you can virtually place a spa in your desired location, gaining insights into the aesthetics and functionality before making a decision. This innovative approach merges the practicality of Troy's advice with the power of technology, guiding you toward a well-informed spa selection that harmonizes with your surroundings flawlessly. 

Here are all the steps to make your spa into reality: 

Step 1: On, navigate to the hot tub you would like to view in augmented reality.

Step 2: On the product page, select View in your space found below the product image. 

Step 3: Position your smart device so that is facing where you would like to place the spa


Note: To move the tub to a new location, be sure to place and hold your finger on the hot tub while moving around your yard. 

As you navigate the exciting road from spa dream to reality, keep in mind the dynamic duo of Troy's expert advice and the immersive power of augmented reality. With the strategic wisdom of location selection and the innovative exploration of aesthetics and comfort, your spa oasis is closer than ever – perfectly tailored to your desires and seamlessly integrated into your world. 


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