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Sustainability in Spa Manufacturing at the Canadian Spa Company

Sustainability in Spa Manufacturing at the Canadian Spa Company

At Canadian Spa, we believe that environmental responsibility is not just a practice but a commitment to future generations. As a leader in the spa industry, we understand our role in promoting sustainability, which is why we've invested over $1 million in renewable energy and advanced treatment facilities. This commitment reflects our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and leading the way in eco-friendly spa manufacturing. 


Solar Energy 

In our commitment to sustainability, solar energy plays a pivotal role at Canadian Spa, providing 75% of the daily power required by our production plant. This significant use of renewable energy allows us to drastically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, aligning with our goals of lowering carbon emissions and promoting environmental stewardship. By investing in solar panels and optimizing our energy consumption, we not only enhance our operational efficiency but also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.  


Water Treatment for Sustainability 

Our dedication to sustainability includes water management, with 150,000 SQ FT of advanced water treatment facilities. These systems recycle and purify water from testing and production for efficient reuse, minimizing waste and environmental impact and underscoring our commitment to responsible practices. 


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing 

Our solar power and water treatment initiatives highlight our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. These efforts meet the spa industry's demand for eco-friendly products, demonstrating our environmental leadership and dedication to responsible consumer offerings.

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