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This complete kit for a spa/hot tub comes in a plastic pail with a lid and a handle to easily carry and store all of your chemicals. 

Your spa is a source of relaxation and enjoyment practiced throughout the ages. Get the most out of your spa, with clear, enticing, and bacteria free spa water.


  • 680gm Chlorinating GranulesKills harmful bacteria in your spa. Suitable for manual daily dosing. TIP: The pH MUST be within 7.2 - 7.6 for this sanitizer to work.
  • 1 kg Spa Shock"Shocks" water to refresh chlorine levels and reactivate it by dissolving unfilterable wastes. Reduces odours and restores a natural sparkle to your hot tub water. TIP: Use after heavy usage or contamination to restore clean, fresh water.
  • 750gm pH UpIncreases pH in spa to maintain an ideal chemical balance. TIP: Use when your pH is below 7.2
  • 1 kg pH DownReduces pH in spa to maintain an idea chemical balance TIP: Use when pH is above 8.0
  • 750gm Alkalinity BoostHelps to protect your spa's heater element, jets, and other parts against corrosion.  TIP: Using this product regularly could save you a fortune in repair bills that are often not covered under warranty.
  • 500 mL Foam Free - Eliminates floating foam build up on spa water caused by body oils and lotions. TIP: Reducing foam build up creates a more enjoyable and presentable spa environment.
  • 500 mL Scale ControlHelps to protect your spa's heater element, jets, and other parts from calcium build up which can damage your spa, reduce efficiency, and impair performance. TIP: Using this product regularly could save you a fortune in repair bills that are often not covered under warranty.
  • 500mL Spa ClearCoagulates or "sticks" small particles together which would normally fit through the filter media. Helps to restore sparkle, without a shock dose. TIP: Using this product after cleaning your filters will immediately improve their effectiveness and help to restore their particle-trapping properties.
  • Test StripsEnsure your spa is always safe to use. Simply dip a test strip into the water and compare to the colour chart to take readings for: Chlorine, pH & Alkalinity. TIP: Chlorine and pH should be checked EVERY TIME the spa is used to ensure that the water is safe to use!
  • Instructional Guide

Only the best in filtration, Canadian Spa Company Glacier Filters keep your spa water and tub equipment pristine. These filters are infused with Antimicrobial material  protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria upon the cartridge and extend the filter's life span. An additional silver-ion is imbued in the fabric and plastic of the filter, which acts as a natural disinfectant against micro-organisms and harmful bacteria. Spend less time cleaning your filters and more time enjoying your spa!



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About Silver Ion

Silver Ion is infused into the grey plastic of the Antimicrobial filter. The Silver ions are able to disinfect water so that micro-organisms such as harmful bacteria cannot cause disease. Silver ions act in similar ways to chlorine, but do not have the chlorine odour and are not chemical based. This means they do not usually bother people with sensitive skin the way chlorine does. While chlorine eventually fades away, silver ions remain active as long as they are present in the water.                                                      

  * Silver has been used throughout history as an antimicrobial agent. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese recognized silver for its antimicrobial properties and preferred to use it over other metals for food and water storage, utensils, and drinking vessels for this reason. The same antimicrobial properties are present in the Silver Ions offered in these filters


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