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St. Lawrence 16ft 15-Person 72-Jet Swim Spa

Canadian Spa Company

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The 16ft. St. Lawrence Swim Spa is the perfect all-around solution for all your swimming and relaxation needs. It features various seating styles, including a Captain’s Chair with headrest, Coach’s Chair, barrier-free bench, and an exclusive stand-up chair for a deep-tissue leg massage. The 16ft. St. Lawrence is packed with 72 adjustable and interchangeable hydrotherapy jets, along with 2 wide river jets powered by four 16.4-amp, 5 horsepower pumps which create strong yet smooth currents and 3 high pressure swim jets so that you can swim, jog, walk or exercise as the ongoing stream keeps your balance and enables effective hydro training. Our spas use Glacier filtration and a built-in ozone generator to keep your water crystal clear without hassle - letting you focus on enjoying your time in the spa, rather than caring for it! The spa's LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth audio, aromatherapy system, and cascading waterfalls, create a full-sensory experience, making it the perfect complement to your backyard!


  • The latest digital controls from Balboa
  • Multi-level seating to accommodate all sizes and a spacious free-swim area for all swim activities
  • Perimeter multi-coloured LED mood lighting and digital Bluetooth sound system with pop-up speakers
  • Ozone water purification system and 200 sq ft of Antimicrobial filtration ensures crystal clear water
  • Comes ready for an upgrade to Glacier AO3P filtration system which reduces chlorine usage by 80% and sanitizes 99.9% of bacteria
  • Features air control valves, 72 adjustable and interchangeable jets, 2 smooth river jets and 3 swim jets for resistance hydro training
  • Adjustable water resistance
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • Includes four 2 speed 5HP (16.4A) pumps with an oversized 2.5" intake and a 5.5kW heater
  • Unique "W" stream design provides additional buoyancy for comfortable yet challenging swimming
  • 7 layers of blackout insulation traps and retains heat with high-density closed cell foam and a heat retention blanket surrounding the interior
  • Includes deluxe hardtop cover, Antimicrobial filter set, and flatbed delivery – customer responsible for offloading and crane required for final installation

St Lawrence Swim Spa Features

Hurricane Series Premium Features

With every Canadian Spa Company Hurricane Series hot tub or swim spa, create the perfect backyard entertaining atmosphere or solo escape. Enjoy our traditional spa design that has been a staple in our product line for decades, accompanied by our premium features:

Glacier Filtration

Our spas use Glacier filtration along with a built-in ozone generator and upgraded UV System to keep your water crystal clear and reduce your chemical use - letting you focus on enjoying your time in the spa, rather than caring for it!

We have filter and cleaning bundle subscriptions available to help you SAVE, while keeping your spa care on track.

Watch the videos below for more information on our Glacier AO3P System.


Our synthetic wood panel cabinets surrounding the interior, hardtop covers, and energy-efficient insulation, are all built with Canadian weather in mind - ensuring you receive a spa that is low maintenance and high performance! We take care of our spas, so that they can take care of you!

  • Our seven-layer Blackout insulation features high-density closed cell foam and a heat retention blanket surrounding the interior, providing your hot tub with insulation that traps and retains heat
  • Our molded base keeps water and pests out, while keeping heat in. It does it all without compromising its pleasing aesthetic
  • Our spas use North American components, including Balboa to ensure quality, reliability and longevity
  • The Aristech Lucite acrylic shell is supported by fiberglass and applied using Vinyl Ester Resin by automated tools and hand rolling

Learn more about our process of manufacturing, right from the beginning steps of heating acrylic into the spa molds. Find out how we ensure that all of our spas are reliable, consistent and always performing at their best!

Click play to watch How It's Made: Hot Tub Edition

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