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Calcium Scale

Product Spotlight: Scale Control

As water is heated and circulated through your hot tub, it is common for the Calcium Carbonate present in water to break down. Due to this, calcium scale will eventually be present in your tub and can build-up on your spa’s heater elements and internal piping over time. If untreated, the scale build-up on heater elements can greatly reduce the efficiency of your spa’s heater. The image below is an example of a heater that needed to be replaced due to significant scale build-up.

Image of Scale Formation on a Portable Spa Heater

In addition to this, scale build-up can also cause an uncomfortable “sandy” texture on your hot tub’s surface, stain acrylic, and create cloudy water.

NOTE: Although Calcium can cause scale, it is a crucial component of your hot tub water’s chemistry. Water softeners are not recommended. 

Scale Control

We highly recommend that every Spa owner always keep a bottle of the chemical Scale Control handy.  Scale control coats your Spa’s heater elements and piping to help prevent scale from building up in your spa. Regular use of Scale Control will help you maximize your heater’s lifespan and will also help ensure that your spa water is being heated up as quickly and efficiently as possible (which in the long run means less $$$ spent on hydro/maintenance).


NOTE: The above guide is detailed in reference to use of Scale Control with regulated city water, if you use well water or have generally hard or soft water, please contact our Customer Care team for more information on how to treat your water to best suit your spa.


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