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Spa Purchasing Checklist - Everything You Need Before & After Your Purchase

Spa Purchasing Checklist - Everything You Need Before & After Your Purchase

Purchasing a spa is an investment into your well-being. For years to come, you will have a space to unwind, spend time with the family, and host your friends all year round. There are some factors to consider to ensure your spa purchase goes smoothly. This blog post will take you through them to give you a better understanding of what to prepare before and after your spa arrives. 

For a downloadable and clickable purchasing checklist, scroll to the bottom! 


Depending on the spa you have purchased, there are different electrical requirements. Our 120V plug and play spas all need a designated circuit and wall plug nearby to plug in the spa*. If you have purchased a 240V luxury spa or a swim spa, you will need to contact an electrician to do electrical work and provide the correct spa pack. Electrical requirements can be found in our spa manuals HERE.  

*Please ensure you do not plug anything else into the same circuit to avoid overloading it.  

Contact a licensed electrician to do ANY electrical work and connections in accordance with the local by-laws in your municipality, including if you are unsure about the circuit your spa is being plugged into. 


In addition to the space your spa will take up, consider the space you will need for surround furniture, removable decking, spa steps, pergolas and gazebos, or cover lifters. This is also something you should consider when constructing your base.  


Spas can weigh thousands of pounds when filled. A supportive spa base is integral to the safe and smooth operation of your hot tub. To ensure your base is built to last and in accordance with our warranty, here are some requirements to consider: 

  • Base must be able to hold at least 150 pounds per square foot. Consider the filled weight as well, which can be found in your owner’s manual HERE.

  • Base must be a flat, level surface that makes complete contact with the spa at all times. A maximum slope of 1-inch over 8 feet is acceptable (but not ideal).

  • A 4-6-inch-thick poured cement pad, well-supported deck, and patio stones are the best options.

  • Base must not be made using materials that will shift or heave over time. Do not use screening, gravel, or sand.

Check out THIS blog post for more information on bases. 


We recommend draining and changing your spa water every 3-4 months. This entails having a readily available water supply to your hot tub and a hose or submersible pump to drain out the water. A garden hose can be used to supply water to your spa. 


If you have chosen curbside delivery for your spa, ensure you have enough man power and a clear path to your hot tub base. This includes considering any hills and the clearance required through doorways and walkways. We also offer drop or backyard delivery, where we will deliver it and place it right on your base. To schedule the backyard delivery or get a delivery quote, fill out THIS form with as much detail as possible. 


Chemical maintenance is important to maintaining the longevity of your hot tub. To make your experience as a spa owner as smooth as possible, we offer a STARTER CHEMICAL KIT with all your spa chemical basics. Our SCHOOL OF SPAS also include videos on your hot tub features and short tutorials on HOW TO USE YOUR SPA CHEMICALS for the first time.  


Once you have examined your spa that was just delivered and then have signed off on the delivery, register your warranty HERE. Your registered warranty will help us determine your coverage in the case you need spa servicing or repair. 


Completed all these steps? Your stress-melting spa sessions are near.  

If you have not purchased a spa yet and are ready to transform your outdoor space, contact us at OR 1-877-909-7727 to learn more about which spa is right for your space. 

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