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Maintaining Your Spa Cover

Maintaining Your Spa Cover

A spa is more than just warm bubbles. It is a place for you to have a weekend retreat right at home, alleviate body aches, and is an entertainment space for you, your family, and friends to enjoy all year round. To preserve its longevity, all of our spas come with custom-fitted covers that are designed to protect your hot tub’s acrylic, insulate to retain your spa water’s heat, and keep unwanted gunk out.

Marine grade vinyl to withstand harsh winter months,  Both UV and Mildew Resistant, 6mm vapour barrier protects against water absorption better than the industry standard 3mm,  6 double-stitched handles allow for powerful forces when lifting,  8 locking straps keep the cover secured, Full steam seal is a padded flap that blacks heat from escaping through the fold in a spa cover


Here are some tips to maintaining your spa cover and maximizing its benefits. 

Images of cover lifter, locking straps, and inside of cover

Using the right sized cover: Our covers are custom made to fit your Canadian Spa Company spa and provide a tight seal. This stops heat from getting out, allowing for more cost-efficient spa operation. 

Double-stitched handles: To uncover your spa, lift the cover up using the double-stitched handles. The handles make it easier and prevent pulling at the seams. 

A cover lifter: A cover lifter helps with the heavy lifting, and holds your cover in place and off the ground while you are enjoying your spa. Click HERE to see which lifter is right for you. 

Locking straps: Spa covers are equipped with locking straps to secure them from flying off, prevent any unwanted visitors and children from getting in, and provide a firm seal around the spa. Ensure you are using the locking straps after closing your cover in between uses. 

Chemical maintenance: To prevent damage to the vapour barrier and chemical discolouration of your cover, keep the cover off during and for an hour after you have added chemicals to your spa. This will allow any chemical gas to get out. 

Do not place anything on top: Do not sit or place heavy objects on top of the cover as it can cause tears, allowing water to get into the foam. This may contribute to waterlogging and let heat out. 

Wipe it down: Use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe off any debris that may have accumulated over time on top of the cover or inside of it. 


What does it mean for a cover to be waterlogged? Over time, water may become trapped in the cover’s foam causing it to get heavy. While there is no way to completely prevent waterlogging, the most common cause is a tear in the vinyl, which exposes the foam. The foam will then absorb water which not only makes your cover heavy, but it does not insulate well as the foam gets damaged. If your cover has become heavier than usual, inspect for any tears.  

I have icicles forming during the winter. Why? If you observe icicles forming during the winter, it is likely that cold air is getting to the spa water. Make sure there are no tears on the cover, you have the right sized cover, the cover is pushed down completely, and you are using locking straps. 

Can I use any spa cover? While there are universal spa covers on the market, we recommend using our durable spa covers that are made specifically to fit Canadian Spa Company hot tubs and provide a tight seal.  

If you are looking for a replacement cover, click HERE to learn how to measure your spa correctly. Then, view our cover collection HERE to select the right one for your spa. Need assistance? We are happy to help. Contact us at 1-877-909-7727 or

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