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Why a Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa?

Why a Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa?

What is a Swim Spa?

Swim Spas are a hybrid between a hot tub and a swimming pool.  They conveniently take up less space, and cost less to run than a swimming pool, but produce a powerful current that will simulate the experience of swimming in open-water. Unlike swimming pools, Swim Spas can be used year-round and are the optimal choice for users that are looking to reap the benefits of aqua-aerobics, resistance training, and hydrotherapy all in one.


Why a Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa?

Our line of St. Lawrence Swim Spas give you the best of both worlds with powerful River and Swim jets to give you the swim experience that you are looking for, and a number of ergonomically designed captain’s chairs for the hydro-massage that you would receive in our Hot Tubs.

Our 13, 16 and 20-foot Swim Spas allow you to simulate the exercise of doing laps in an Olympic pool and provide an excellent outlet for underwater resistance training with a spacious, flat 10-foot floor.  The included fibre glass tether pole is a great accessory for static swimming but is not necessary as our Swim Spa’s River Jets are capable of creating a powerful current to swim against. You will feel as though you’re swimming against the waves of an ocean as each of the profile-aligning River Jets are attached to a separate 5 horsepower pump.


Our Swim Spas are designed with our customers’ needs in mind, with a user-friendly design that allows you to fully customize every single experience in your spa (without paying a hefty customization fee). You can adjust your Spa’s jet pressure according to how you want to work out, swim, or relax.  All of the 39 to 73 jets are fully adjustable, while multiple Air Control and Water Diverter valves allow you to control precisely how much pressure you are getting out of each section of your Swim Spa. In addition to this, all of our Spas come fully loaded with the best features such as pop-up LED speakers, perimeter LED lighting, two cascading waterfalls and an aromatherapy unit.  A built-in Ozone Purifier works with our 10-step, 200 square foot filtration process to keep your Spa’s water crystal clear with little maintenance required. 


Our Swim Spas are available for immediate shipment, meaning you can be swimming in yours in a matter of days! For more information about our Swim Spas check out our catalogue, or call us at 1-877-347-7727.



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