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Acrylic Spas Unplugged: Your Spa’s Setting Modes

Acrylic Spas Unplugged: Your Spa’s Setting Modes

If you own a Canadian Spa Company Acrylic Hot Tub from 2014 onwards, your Spa can be set in Ready, Rest or Ready-in-Rest mode.

Ready Mode


When first powering on your Spa, it will be automatically set to Ready mode. In Ready mode, your spa will perform ‘polling’. This means your jets will run on low speed for a 5-minute interval every 30 minutes to circulate the water and check its temperature. If the temperature is detected to be lower than your set temperature, your spa’s heater will power on to bring the temperature up.

This mode is highly recommended during the winter season, as maintaining a constant warm temperature will prevent a risk of the water freezing.

Rest Mode


When in Rest mode, your Spa will only heat when the filter cycle is in operation. This is an excellent option to use in the summer months when the ambient temperature is higher.


When utilising this mode, you may see a “Run Pump for Temp” message, which will display if your Spa has not circulated for over an hour.  If you are seeing this message and would like to check your Spa’s water temperature, simple press the ‘Jets’ button, to get your water circulating.

Ready-in-Rest Mode


You will enter a Ready/Rest mode when your Spa is set to Rest mode but the jets have been manually activated. When Jets are activated in Rest mode, the Spa will begin to heat the water to the set temperature. The Spa water will continue to circulate on low speed until the Spa reaches the set temperature, or until an hour has passed (whichever comes first). The Spa will then return to Rest mode.

Setting the Modes

1. Press either the Temperature Up or Down button.
2. While the temperature is flashing, press the Lights button.
3. Keep pressing Lights until you get to the MODE setting.
4. Press the Temperature Up or Down button to toggle between "SET READY" or "SET REST" which will be in smaller font at the bottom of the screen.
5. Press the Lights button to set.
NOTE: if Lights button is not pressed to select an option, the display will revert to its original settings after 30 seconds.

This blog post was adapted from the “Balboa BP Topside - Setting Modes (Ready, Rest, Ready/Rest)” Solution.

See the video below if you purchased your Spa before 2014 and have a VL404 Topside.

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